Thursday, January 12, 2012

From Trash to Treasure Tutorial: Solid Wood Shelves

Here are some free shelves I picked up, after a quick rough sanding.

More sanding & primed:

Finally, a few coats of paint, decorated, & put in my dining room!


So I think that the color was too dark & made the room look cluttered. 
Instead, I've decided to get away from the mix-matchy look I thought 
I liked for awhile & change to a more fresh & clean white look for my downstairs. 

Downstairs they went for priming...

I picked out some wall paper for the back of the inside that would go with my 
main level color scheme & decided to paint them with 
Rust-Oleum Heirloom White spray paint.

Even though the wall paper had that postage stamp self-stick adhesive on the back, 
I used Mod Podge to make sure it was extra secure. 
Then, I adhered the wall paper to the back of the shelves. 


I coated the outside with Mod-Podge as well to protect the wall paper 
& give a uniform finish. 

After everything was dry, I used 
Rust-Oleum semi-gloss polyurethane spray 
to seal everything.

Then they went upstairs & were reassembled.

I've started putting them back together & will post those pictures soon!

"It was more than discovering something that I loved to do - 
It was discovering someone I had always been." 
 ~ Natalie ;-*
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