Tuesday, March 27, 2012

From Trash to Treasure: Ladder Back Chairs


Remember these I found & rescued from the curb?

I removed their seats & set about repairing the banged-up wood with Elmer's stainable wood-filler.

Next it was time to sand, which I did by hand because of the size of this project.

Next came priming & painting. I spray painted them with Rust-Oleum's Heirloom White.

Next I decided to take the seat covers off & replace them entirely, 
rather than just cover them. After seeing the condition of the batting, 
I was SO glad that I did! Then I cut new batting the shape of the seat.

I secured the batting with finishing nails & used the old vinyl as a pattern to cut the fabric.
The awesome thing about this fabric was that it was like $48 a yard, but I bought a remnant at Jo-Ann's so it was only a few dollars! I had just enough to cover the seats & some leftover to cover the stool for my vanity & Mod Podge some to the vanity itself.

I used a staple gun to secure the new fabric. They turned out GORGEOUS!

 Finally, I reassembled the chairs & here they are! 

"It was more than discovering something that I loved to do - 
It was discovering someone I had always been." 
 ~ Natalie ;-*
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  1. Your pictures don't open on this page. All your other have opened for me.

    1. Sorry I'm just getting back to you...
      The pictures are showing up on my page & also in the editable version on my dashboard. Could it be your browser? Or that you're missing a plug-in? If you're on a cell phone, have you looked on a regular computer? Check again for these things & let me know if you still have trouble. Maybe I will be able to get it to you in another way...
      Let me know! Thanks for stopping by!
      Natalie :)