Thursday, January 12, 2012

From Trash to Treasure Tutorial: Desk Chair, Entryway Stool, and Plant Stand

1) Desk Chair

This chair was free find.

Originally, it was a lighter natural wood that I didn't like. 
I forgot to take pictures before I started this chair, 
but here it is after it's first coat of paint. 

That is the original seat, which was a beat-up fake leather. 
I took the seat off the chair, left the fake leather on, 
& simply covered it using the leg of a pair of stretchy khaki pants
 that I had ripped in the knee (I'm sort of clumsy, haha). 

I stretched the khaki over the seat & secured it underneath with a staple gun. 
Then, I finished the coats of paint & reattached the seat. 
I want to sew a pillow out of the other piece of khaki & will post pictures when I do.

UPDATE: I sewed the pillow in an envelope style using the other piece of the khaki pant legs for the front & two pieces of floral fabric that is the same tone as the red in the room. 

There was also a homemade afghan that on of my husband's 
Great Aunts made that went along with the look of the chair.

A large view of the corner of the living room. I love the vintage telephone, 
& you may recognize the line painting on the wall from an earlier post, 

2) Entryway Stool 

While I had the burgundy paint out, I decided to refinish a stool that I found while digging for buried treasure! It was used outside & left by the previous owners of our house behind a shed under our deck.

After a lot of scrubbing, a few coats of paint, & a cushion I had 
(because it's ties fell off), it's now a nice seat where guests 
can remove their shoes in our entryway 
(for the time-being because I have a new piece 
I'm working on now to put in this space). 

3) Plant Stand 

Again, silly me, I forgot to take a before picture of this one. 
It had been another free find, once an old plain wood finish with lots of holes. 
I think it used to be a high-chair because of where the holes were 
& it's also very narrow & tall. I used wood filler & white paint 
to turn it into a plant stand. 

I am planning on decoupaging this chair with some leaves or floral art or fabric. I'll be sure to post pictures after I do.

"It was more than discovering something that I loved to do - 
It was discovering someone I had always been." 
 ~ Natalie ;-*
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