About The Vintage Magi

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So this is me!

I have been refinishing & repurposing lots of beautiful things to their original splendor 
lately, so I needed a blog to display them all & help others who want to do the same.

I am a 29-year-old multi-tasking, artistic, musical, entrepreneurial wife & mother of one who loves the outdoors, Pomeranians, animals, fitness, nutrition, 
& making life better in general by surrounding myself with 
beautiful people & things!

So why a Magi? Well, it's kind of an inside joke... For the first 9 months of my life when my mom was pregnant with me, my name was Kylie Ann; 
that is, until I decided to be born on Christmas day in 1981. 

It was only then that my name became 
Natalie (which means Christmas) Nicole (after St. Nicholas). 

My senior year of high school, my mom was going through a transition that I NOW know (thanks to a Human Growth & Development class) happens to all of us at some point in our lives. However at that time, I was only 18-years-old & knew everything 
(as most 18-year-olds do); so I thought she was just taking a ride on the crazy train! 

Of course, now I know that I should watch what I say because a general rule of thumb is that whatever happens to your mother is what happens to you, too! 

When the yearbook staff sent out the pages that parents can buy in the back of the yearbook to congratulate graduating seniors, my mom made the page from my sisters 
& it  said:

"To our sister, Natalie: You are our Holy Gift of Magi. Phenomenal, to say the least!"

No one knew how to pronounce 'Magi,' everyone had a good laugh, & certainly 
no one knew what it meant...
Well, the Magi were the Wise Men who came to the manger bearing gifts for the newborn King, Jesus; so apparently, I was a gift from the Wise Men. Go figure... & now I am a creative person who loves rescuing vintage & creating handmade treasures! I can look at a worthless piece of ANYthing & see countless possibilities that the average person can not. It's a neat gift to have & I love every minute I'm creating something, whether it's through music, using a power tool, or -- what I like to call -- 'Goodwill Hunting!' Therefore, I AM the 'Vintage Magi;' or the 'Wise-(Wo)Man of Vintage!' Get it? (Thanks, Mom!)

(That & 'Vintage Magpie' was already taken!!! 
Because of that, however, I made the 'Magi' connection & it works...so hooray!)

I'm learning new things everyday & with each new project I gain a little more confidence to branch out into new techniques. Bear with me as I travel through this journey, 
& grant me patience as I have a young son who pretty much dictates when I have time to finish things exactly the way I want them. 
You'll see I post a lot of things before I have them just the way I want them, 
but I'll always update as soon as I have the time to finish.

OK, well, I'm sure I'll edit this post as I think of more, but that's it for now. 

"It was more than discovering something that I loved to do;
  it was discovering someone I had always been." 
 ~ Natalie ;-*