Thursday, January 26, 2012

From Trash to Treasure Tutorial: Little Household Furniture Projects

1) Bathroom Stool 


I picked this stool at a thrift store that's near a Target store 
& gets a lot of new, slightly damaged product. 

I needed a stool for my son's bathroom so I had a place to sit comfortably while he bathes. 
I sanded & painted it a sage green to match the color scheme of his bathroom.

2) Wooden Stand

This was a free find. I forgot to get a before picture, 
but it was all banged up & needed some TLC. 
I sanded & primed it as shown in the pictures below.

I painted it white for now & installed a board in the bottom. 
I'm probably going to change the bottom later, but for now this 
scrap piece in my garage functions fine. This is how it looks now, 
even if it may change once we're sure how it's going to be used.

3) Small Wooden Shelving Unit

These were a Target purchase that I've had for a long time. 
They were cheap, white, made of MDF & really didn't fit 
anywhere in our new home the way they were. 

I didn't take an actual 'before' picture, but I was able to find of 
how they originally looked when they were in our old house.

I had to scuff them up a little bit & then painted them with a dark reddish-brown, 
high-gloss paint. Because they were so light going to a dark color, 
it took a lot of coats. I painted them both exactly the same, 
but this is a shot of the same one, now in my living room.

This next table was also made of MDF & was the kind of flimsy little table that could 
be put bed-side or in a hall, but could not take any heavy duty use. It would also 
be covered with a small round tablecloth to hide the plain, grainy, & 
cheap-looking MDF; which is what I had done prior to it's makeover. 
I had it serving as a stand for our keurig coffee maker in our dining room.

Because it is made of MDF, it was already a rough surface to paint so I didn't have 
to sand it. I just painted it with a few coats of brown paint & moved it back 
to the dining room, where it's now a side table for my husband's desk.
I put a pretty maple leaf place mat on top to protect the top from
scuffs & match it to the decor of the room.

"It was more than discovering something that I loved to do - 
It was discovering someone I had always been." 
 ~ Natalie ;-*
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